Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finding Calm In A Summer Storm

after the storm
salt water marsh
salt water marsh

Our summer remains full of activity. We're still dividing our time between Mermaid House and the homestead, which means double of everything to see to (and it also means I'm away from my computer a lot more). The teens are busy with Blunt Youth Radio (all the shows have been archived so we can listen to them again. Adam and Olivia hosted a show on Geek Culture in Maine, recently, which was quite good.) Adam also completed his engineering training at the station, so he is official! We have this week to hurry up and begin new, huge projects at the homestead, and then jump right into four days at the Northeast Unschooling Conference where Alex, Olivia, and I are presenting. My absence from this space, while not preferred, is exactly what is needed at this time. In the blur of our days, I intended to share with you, this moment among the storm clouds receding over the Scarborough Marsh, the almost-Mammatus clouds, the reflected sky and the green that seems to stretch forever. When I feel particularly rushed or exasperated or a touch overwhelmed, I will remember this moment and the scent of ozone and brine on a recent August evening.

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