Friday, July 19, 2013

Record Breaking Highs And Lows This July

The heat index reads 103F, the fans are blowing, and my sunburn from earlier in the week is driving me mad with the itching (I somehow forgot about my back when I was applying sunscreen), and I am just now catching up in this space. We launched right into a full July calendar (so much for breathing) and other than the weather giving up whiplash (it's been soupy humid and rainy or humid and very hot), it's all been good.

We started July by catching up on some gardening. With all the busy, I never did get to planting containers, so we did that over the Fourth. We stayed put on the Fourth, too, as we do, which eases our worries about Mermaid House being harassed when people get rowdy in our beach town. We did have Auntie Heather over, for potato salad and food on the grill, and that was fun, but otherwise, we stayed off the beach and kept things simple.

festive flowers #urbangarden #organic4th of July cookout
stars and stripes

We went up to the homestead the following weekend and did some work, but mostly so we could enjoy being on the pond. It was heavenly. And quiet.

it's good to get in the water
the kids got Papa to go for a swim #summer #sheepscotpondripples

We hated to leave the pond, but the weather took a turn to the soggy side, anyway, and we had to get back to Mermaid House to prepare the house for our friends' visit. I spent Monday getting the garden and house all spiffy and our friends, the poor souls, who had been trying to drive straight through from Cleveland with two young children, made it MA and ran out of steam. It was no matter to us and it gave them time, and daylight, to drive up along the coast and do some sightseeing, so it all worked out. Melissa and her beautiful family were here for just shy of a week and it was so good to have them. We quickly settled into a routine at breakfast, we'd go our separate ways or somewhere together in the afternoon, and the evenings were spent chatting, often until 1am. Their girls are very sweet and very good company and they seemed to get such a kick out of the everything. Now, if only we can convince them to move to Maine...

This darling is enjoying her leftover cake from our trip to Becky's Diner the evening before.

Our chocolate cake-eating house guest is adorable.

Shells collected, kids cleaned, and time to sit together for dinner.

tired kiddos at the end of the day
dinner talk

After dinner talk. And watching the verdict come in, and sitting in shock, crying, together, yes, there was sadness, too. (And so much more to say in another post.)

talking geocaches #nerdalert

A hot and sunny day at the beach. For lunch, the dads ran to town and brought us back lobster rolls and onion rings. It was a perfect day, and I hope, a happy ending to a Maine trip.

dark clouds on a sunny day
beach day with friends
I spent so much time in the water, I have only two photos. It was a perfect day.little mermaidhugs
pale and shovel
Miss Lsea gull

Our friends left on Sunday afternoon and Olivia went off to a poetry reading and suddenly, we were into another week. And a heatwave. Which meant more beach days, and now that itchy sunburn. And here it is, midway through July already and Sunday it will be back in the 70Fs. How time flies and something? Yes. Fun. We've been having fun. Mostly. Well, it's been intense, and good, and oh so sad. Oh, July, you're giving me whiplash.


  1. great photos. Sounds like you are enjoying summer.

    I am still in shock over the verdict. I keep wondering: is it because I live in the Northeast? Can this really be happening in 2013? Is the South that much different?

  2. We did really well with not letting our pigment-less skin get fried... except my scalp and lips! Oy, brushing my hair was a very slow process for a few days. :) Thanks again for being such generous hosts! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to return.
    "Now, if only we can convince them to move to Maine..."
    Oh, maybe if you twist my arm... or not. :) Lane updated his resume last night and is applying for several positions today.



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