Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Month Of Blooms, Geeks And Celebrations

It seems June is bound to be a very full month for us, considering all the things we pack into it. First, there's the garden with all its growing and blooming and beauty. And constant mowing, there's that, too. The first roses unfurl, emitting their heady scent, the glossy green guard petals of the peony give way to flouncy, creamy blooms, and the white clematis provides endless opportunities to talk with neighbors and passersby about that beautiful plant there in the corner (ours is the Guernsey Cream variety). And we cringe, just a bit, when we overhear some folks comment on the unusual peach lilac (it's a beauty bush, not a lilac. A mistake that is significantly less painful to overhear than when the rose hips are mistaken as some type of tomato.) Under drooping leaves, we spy strawberries and Sweet William collects raindrops on its petals. The hot pink weigela shines in contrast to the moody blue-greens of her hosta and fern friends.

fragrant roses
the house
peony #garden #organic #urbangarden
weigela  #garden #organic #urbangarden
ripening #garden #organic
white clematis
yellow anthers on a white clematis
Beauty Bush flowers
Sweet William

Second, June means that when we're not out in the garden, we just might be dressed up in our favorite geek fandom and spending our days with two thousand other geeks at PortConMaine. This was our second year attending and we did all four days. Olivia, a Star Trek fan, dressed in command red from the Next Generation series. (And yes, many, many people joked with her about being a Red Shirt, which was sad, as it was a geek con, after all. If they were any kind of Star Trek fan, they would know that Next Generation (TNG) occurs a good 100 years after Star Trek (The Original Series, TOS) and in TNG, rarely do we see anyone get killed, and if we do, they are usually in the gold tactical or blue science uniforms. Hrumph!) She was not the only Star Trek fan at PortCon, however, and much of the Star Trek universe was represented, including a Tasha Yar from TNG, and spot-on Chekov (after his move from the tactical gold to the engineering red, that is) from the Star Trek reboot.

I'm finding photos I forgot to  post - this is from last week at #portcon #startrek #tng
Lt. Commander Olivia ran into Lt. Tasha Yar #startrek #portcon #tng
Star Trek! #portcon #startrek #geeks
Star Trek universe

We are big Avatar: The Last Airbender fans, in this house and we were glued to the sequel, The Legend of Korra, last summer (and are not so patiently awaiting a second season). Ever since, we've all thought that Adam would make a perfect Bolin, with his green eyes and dark hair, and similar personalities. This meant someone had to make a costume and since I find pattern sewing oh so challenging, Alex made the costume.


It also meant we had to track down a fire ferret (or red panda), Bolin's animal sidekick, and we lucked out with this one.

Adam looked great and he was recognized repeatedly, was photographed often and people regularly asked to hug him. It was really sweet. I know he ran into other Legend of Korra fans, but I wasn't with him and so I never got photos. Bummer. He did show up on this person's tumblog, however, so that's cool!

Adam as Bolin from Legend of Korra, costume made by my husband. #portcon #geek
my adorable geeks #portcon #cosplay

Alex and I just didn't devote time to creating cosplay for ourselves, for the con, but maybe some year. Alex, who celebrated his 41st birthday just a day prior to PortCon, did get a Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt, so he wore that on one of the days, while he played D&D (and Talisman), of course. GEEK! He received a Doctor Who t-shirt for his birthday, last year, so I think we have a new tradition.

Alex's 41st birthday
birthday brownies
it's tradition to get him a geek t-shirt on his birthday
he asked for tools
Alex, in his D&D t-shirt, playing Talisman. Again. #portcon #geek #husband
Alex at the Talisman table

I did wear a jacket and a FBI Special Agent badge, in a nod to all the FBI (fake or otherwise) that seem to show up in a lot of fantasy and sci-fi.

Lt. Commander Olivia and FBI Special Agent Bradstreet, reporting for #PortCon #geeks #unschooling #TNG

Also on Alex's birthday, we went up to the homestead, and did some demolition of the kitchen soffit and we installed a new counter and sink. While we were there, Olivia weeded in her garden and hilled potatoes, and then both the kids helped Papa clear more stuff out of the house.

a few hours ago, still working on it #diy
frack you, soffit, you useless, ugly, waste of space! #diy #homestead
Olivia in her garden, hilling potatoes #organic #farm #homestead #teen #unschooling #maine

Third, June also means we had more celebrating to do, as Alex and I marked our 19th wedding anniversary on June 25! Can I just say, if you ever have the option of waking up next to your best friend for nineteen years, totally do that.

We spent the first half of the 91F day at the beach, and the evening in Portland. While we were at dinner, a nasty thunderstorm hit and we watched from the windows as black clouds descended on the harbor, and later, ran for the car in a downpour.  It was a good summer day.

hot summer day
it gets more crowded near the pier
he won't get out until we leave
salt water hair
they're here
he's basically a seal
So...this is happening outside the restaurant. Wicked lightning and thunder, too. #maine #summer #weatherreport
This is quite the storm over Portland. #sointense #weatherreport #maine #portland #summer

I'm sure the rest of June will end in a blur, and it looks like we're in for a really damp, humid stretch of weather, so I don't know what that will mean for the garden. Perhaps it will give us the excuse to slow down for a few days and catch our breath, at least until July? Let's see...we still need to go pick strawberries, do some house maintenance, iron out plans with friends for July, maybe we should plan a yard sale...? Oh dear. Five days until July...breathe, Amy, breathe.

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  1. love your photos. sounds like a great start to summer!



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