Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh, The Tired: Yule : Third Day

The tired is beginning to catch up with me. A week ago, today, Alex and I took a friend up on the offer of his gigantic trailer and drove it and the truck down to Mermaid House, at which point we loaded a significant amount of our furniture into it, including our big freezer (yes!). Six hours later, we drove home to the farm in snow and ice and pulled in around 1am. We unloaded all day Wednesday, or I did until I took Olivia into Rockland for four hours in the evening, and Alex and Adam set up our furniture (yes!). Then we unloaded some more and arranged, and cleaned, and arranged, and cried a little bit, and procrastinated by thinking about where all the rest of the Yule things were meant to go, and then we put more things away. And all of this happened after a solid week of painting (that week that after Thanksgiving). And we switched bedrooms. We were in what is now the den (which is looking and feeling pretty fabulous, well, it's missing trim on one window, and...oh never mind), so now we are upstairs in the ell chamber, that catchall of 35 years, our future bedroom, and well...the tired. I keep thinking about how wonderful January will be when we can slow down a bit...oh never mind...there's that whole Renovate Bedroom Thing. And build animal outbuilding thing. Yes, those things.

So I have days like today. Where I catch up on three days of Yule posts and hang the lovely cards we've received, and art, I actually hung art in the den, and I looked at more blooming paperwhites (my friend Sylvia, clearly not as tired as I at this moment, pointed out that it seemed significant that the paperwhites are the first plants to bloom in our new home and damn, she's right. It is significant - just don't ask me to flush out why at the moment, just accept it as significant and move on.) And the only photo I took was this one of our guinea pig, Beatrice, looking adorable. And I stared at the photo over my morning tea, simply enamored with her cuteness and the happiness she brings all of us (well, both out guinea pigs, and you too, cats, no favoritism, here!)

Beatrice, you are so ridiculously cute. #guineapig #cavy

We ate a hot dinner (with things from our big freezer!), (with salad, before 8pm!), and Alex got half our Yule cards ready to send (and realized we were short about twenty envelopes, so that's an errand tomorrow.) And he installed our new microwave vent and the old microwave (and bacon rack!) is in the dumpster...so really, not bad. I just need a good night's sleep, is all. Maybe several in succession. And some that start before 1130pm.

Nine days until Santa, you say?

Oh. Oh, the tired.

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