Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow: Yule: Day Two

our road

snow day

snow on shed window

moon glow

Yuletide farmhouse


pretty window

Yule inside

snowy stoop

Yule house

It snowed on Saturday. It was the sort of proper, fluffy snow that was forecasted and expected, which meant all of us could hunker down and revel in further decking of the halls. It was the sort of snow that began in the late afternoon and continued through to Sunday morning. And cold. Oh, so cold. Hovering around or below zero cold. Definitely all signs that one should stay in, where the fire warms the kitchen and the cocoa is topped with marshmallows.

Monday dawned in blues and aquas in the watercolor light of mid-December.  The first paperwhites opened.

First blooms. #yuletide

More snow will come tomorrow, they say. I welcome the white, the icy air, the snowy sweaters the trees wear. It's all especially beautiful knowing I have cocoa and tropical blooms inside to keep me warm.

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