Monday, December 23, 2013

The Light Returns : Yule : Day Nine

Today's ice. #icestorm2013 #maine #waldocounty

In the five minutes that I was outside, the power went out. #icestorm2013 #maine #waldocounty

This is happening and the power is threatening to go out in this ice storm. Bake! Bake! Bake! (Also, meant to sew a curtain for sink...) #yuletide #unschooling

It's inconvenient and beautiful. #icestorm2013 #yuletide

Pretty spot in the den makes me happy. #icestorm2013 #home

Who needs a clean house, baked goods or wrapped gifts? #icestorm2013 #yuletide

The ice storm was with us still, today. As such, we gambled with our minutes and tried to work on tasks that require electricity, knowing full well that we might lose power at any moment. When it ultimately did happen, the teens still had one tray of cutouts in the oven and I was outside photographing the storm. I left a bright kitchen and returned to candles lit in the gloaming of the house at 330 in the afternoon. While the timing for a power outage is never convenient, one on the eve of Santa Eve is even less so. Ah, but many were in the same jam and it couldn't be helped, and the power outage required us to slow things down some, at the height of activity, so there's that, I suppose. So we ate thawing ice cream with the rest of the Solstice cake, some played cribbage, Olivia knitted and we talked. Alex went out once to find rope to help pull a stranger's car from a ditch. Six hours later, the power came back on. Six hours without power is not a hardship. We have the wood stove and plenty of wood, (although the water situation deserves a second look). We have candles (must get more candles), and we were safe and together.

Still. There's the baking, the wrapping. I admit, it was a relief when the light returned.

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