Monday, December 22, 2014

Of Head Colds And Filling Out Forms: Yule : Day Eight

Today I whiled away the hours by the wood stove, writing messages in the Yule cards that went out in the last postal pickup this afternoon. I hadn't intended to leave this task quite so late, and I had ordered the cards a week ago. However, in a move I'm absolutely blaming on my having a nasty cold, the message was a bit off.

Oh, dear. While a certain friend to whom I related this story found this incredibly funny and begged me to send these incorrect cards out, I just couldn't. I realized I had not changed the template name on the order form, so back to the drawing board I went. Which brings us to a week later and me filling out cards today.

To all our dear ones, friends and supporters, of whom I lack addresses, please know we send wishes for joy, peace, cheer, and love, and blessings for a Happy New Year.

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