Sunday, December 21, 2014

One Little Solstice Tree : Yule : Day Seven

shortest day #yule #solstice

with our tree


Home by dusk. #solstice #yule

ducks on the solstice

sweet ducks


hello, chickens

winter is here, chickens

sweet Ethel

Pressed cookies and pomander making. #yule #solstice

Merry Yule! #yule #yuletide #solstice

One little solstice tree... #yule #yuletide #solstice

This afternoon, we went into the woods to find our Solstice tree. This is a new tradition, one initiated by Olivia a year ago, and it fits nicely in with our pomander making and Solstice cake eating. It didn't take long before we found a little tree, one too shaded by oaks or growing too close to its siblings, and we said our blessing, cut it and walked back home, where we decorated it with dried orange slices and little snowflakes.

On our walk out of the woods, with the sun behind the hills, we stopped and visited with the ducks and chickens and we told them that winter had arrived. It seems even more Solstice-y now that we have our beloved fowl in the barnyard. (I'm still on the lookout for a duck cookie cutter; we have a chicken.) It makes me think of long-ago people who would have kept their animals close by, preparing for winter, grateful for the returning light, shaping bread into animal shapes, bringing greens inside to remind them, that yes, green would return.

Blessed Solstice from our home (and barnyard) to yours!

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