Thursday, April 30, 2015

Welcome, April


April has arrived and Spring has not. It snows as soon as the melting begins. We look for signs and find a few sprigs of green waiting for warmth. A few days of temps in the 40s allows the ducks to have their first pool in months. Mud season is taking place in our dooryard. Winter boots and coats are still by the kitchen door and the woodstove is still in use. The mail comes and with it joyful news. We celebrate my 44th birthday fabulously. We spy the return of the robins with their happy hopping and rosy bellies. Alex boils down maple sap and now we have jars of amber syrup. All of us go see Sufjan Stevens and Olivia and I sit with tears streaming and throats clenching back sobs. We wait. And wait some more. Anxiety boils. This family shit is hard, hard stuff. Then, most of the snow finally melts and we're out with rakes and using gardening muscles. Dear friends suffer a huge loss and we prepare Mermaid House to shelter them. Finally, we see it. Spring has finally arrived. Comfrey and rhubarb emerge, poking crowns through the still cold soil. We still have firewood left. We survived. We made it through a nearly six-month-long winter. Oh, Spring, we're so happy to see you!

Just some turkeys screwing around. #207gram

Ginger swears she was just sniffing herbs from the co-op and it's my fault for not having put them away yet so there. She then admonished me for my untidiness. #catsofinstagram

signs of life

last bit of the roof glacier

mud mud mud mud mud

Ducks are so easy to love. #khakicampbell #ducks

Olivia and Alex were out all afternoon shopping and realized they had dressed in identical attire.


cheesecake good.

Adam @superadamgalaxy designed this gorgeous card for me. Duckie!

We all needed this delicious evening out. We all had scrumptious meals. I went with the herbed risotto with scallops, lobster, mussels, and shrimp. Earl Grey ice cream for afters. Thank you, family!

Someday we'll be equipped to handle more tapping, but any amount of our own maple syrup is a wonderful gift, thanks to Alex @bradstreetfarmer.

I'm gettin' real tired of your bullshit, Francine.

Love these sunshiny afternoons.


Well that was shattering. #SufijanStevens

So excited to be cleaning out garden beds and preparing for this year's planting.

I adore neat and tidy spring gardens. #givesmesuchathrill #afewofmyfavoritethings

We planted this black pussywillow spring 2013. One of my favorite beneficial small trees.

Rhubarb, you kind of have an awkward stage, huh?

The ducks and chickens will be thrilled to know that the comfrey is emerging.

tidy gardens, tidy house, time to bake #cornerofmyhome

We're here getting the house and garden (reasonably) ready for our friends who need a home after they suffered a terrible house fire eleven days ago. Our hearts go out to them.

Considering how early our winter and how severe it was, we did well to have a cord of wood leftover.
Evening rain and that odd pink-green-yellow-light that comes with spring and summer showers. Snow is almost all gone.

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