Monday, May 4, 2015

May Days

It was a gorgeous day for Fedco!

glory-in-the-snow (sans snow)

Our new stone walkway and ornamental hedge looks amazing. Okay, squint.

Planting day.

Taking the old elm down.

The upper part of this elm essentially disintegrated when it went down.

Now that spring really does seem to be here for good, it feels so great to be outside, making plans, digging in the dirt, and working on things that don't involve snow removal or walking through snow, or thinking about snow in any way. We picked up our Fedco order and proceeded to do like we do annually, which is spend the next week planting everything. We put in some Oakleaf Hydrangea, Ninebark, Higbush Cranberry, and PeeGee Hydrangea along the front of the house with the idea that it will create a lovely hedge along a future stone walkway to the front door. With the snow finally gone, Alex and I measured and drew up a design for the new chicken run, and we'll continue the coop restoration on the exterior this month. Of course, while we were doing that, we got to talking about the old dead elm nearby that seemed a bit hazardous, so Alex went and suited up in his swanky safety gear and sawed that sucker down. It feels good to get things done. Definitely.

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