Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Celebrating Adam's Sixteenth Birthday

celebrating Adam

Celebrating Adam's 16th Birthday, today! @superadamgalaxy

16 balloons

Adam, 16

hugs from Olivia


shock and awe

Such fun. #16

go pro surprise


Our early supper view. Long winter? Yeah, but then we have this. #207gram

Lobstah roll, bub. #207gram

My babies are 16 and 18. And I get to be their mom. It's pretty fricken awesome.
These two have the best friendship. #siblings #teens
Our wee baby Adam, who stands at 6-foot 3-inches, is one, not so wee, and two, is now sixteen years old. Our Taurus baby proves his sun sign true every day, too. He's firmly grounded, fiercely loving, not easily swayed by foolishness, responsible, nurturing, creative, and oh, so funny. And more, he's a remarkable friend. (Recently, the two of us had the house to ourselves one evening and we spent the whole night watching the entire Mad Max franchise and discussing the upcoming installment. That night will forever be one of the Best Things Ever.)

We celebrated Adam with sixteen balloons, sixteen candles, gifts, surprises, and a cake. Adam thought a crab roll sounded like just the thing so we went over to Young's and sat in the sun by the ocean eating scrumptious seafood for an early dinner. What a perfect evening.

Alex and I pinch ourselves, occasionally, knowing that not all parents are so fortunate to know their teens and spend time together like we do. Adam and Olivia are also well-aware that not all siblings call each other friends. It is a profound joy to celebrate their teen years with them. There's no going back and I wouldn't want to. Our youngest is sixteen. He's marvelous and we love him beyond measure. Happy Birthday, sweet Adam.

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