Wednesday, June 24, 2009

15 Years Of Marriage

Was it really fifteen years ago today that we were married? Fifteen years? Can it be? I know I wake up every single day grateful to be married to such a beautiful force. But for 5,470 days I've done that? (It's actually been longer than that). However it happened that we met when we did, those decisions, choices, those days, hours, minutes and seconds that lined up, so that we would meet when we did, how am I to feel anything but luck? I'm not one to attribute things to luck easily, but I feel incredibly lucky. I feel like I live a dream come true, and if you, dear reader, knew half the stories from my childhood, you would know why I feel that way. I'll put it to you this way--so often it seems as if once folks are married in our culture, all romance is supposed to be gone, yet we cry through a box of tissues when we read or see on screen, true love destroyed or stifled or see it end in despair. We want to see true love, but won't acknowledge it in our ordinary lives. Alex and I talk about this often--we are those characters in that book or movie--we are our own story.

On our wedding day, it rained. In fact, it was downright stormy. I once read that that means the first years of marriage will be stormy and that as the years progress, the finer the weather. I would have to agree. Let me be clear, the years were not stormy because we were ill-suited to each other, not at all. But some of those years were hard. Hard because we were in debt up to our eyeballs after college, looking for work in that other recession of the early '90s and trying to define our new family of two, independent of our extended families. I believe that those early years forced us to think creatively, to question and to make leaps. Because we were willing to take chances together, it made our family stronger, emotionally and financially, something that prepared us well for being parents. We were able to realize dreams and put plans into action, something we continue to strive for everyday, side by side. What an honor and gift to be able to build this partnership with this man. Here I am, looking into the next fifteen years with Alex, and I have to say, the forecast looks amazing.


  1. what a great post and amazing photo to match it. Happy Day and congrats. it's no small feat!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more amazing years!



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