Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Corner View :: Music

This is my first attempt at participating in the Corner View project (see Jane, see Jane's Corner View) and the topic for this week is music. Music is very important to our family. We all sing in a community choir and I've posted videos of the kids singing numerous times. Maine has lots of great venues for music as well as talented musicians. Have I been anywhere to see any of them lately? No, I have not. I blame the rain. Last week (a time long ago, in a land of sun) we did spend a glorious two days at the shore. In the summer, this is our music. The sound of the crashing surf, the children laughing in the waves, the sea gulls calling, the breeze blowing, all of it is the choir that serenades us in summer, marking memories of days in the sun. So this is my corner view of music, the ocean.

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  1. I love the music of the ocean! I can't wait until my visit to the beach next week, where I will get to hear this to my heart's content! Lovely post!

  2. I love your music too !! I think you're right, nature offers a lot of incomparable sounds... There are rivers, wind, birds, bees... Thanks ! And welcome to corner view.

  3. wonderful post. the ocean!!! perfect music. thanks for sharing and welcome to cornerview.



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