Monday, June 22, 2009

Must Monday Always Rain?

New moon tides, an ocean storm surge and coastal flooding is on the agenda for today. Let's just say June has been wet. Very. Oh well, at least everything is green. With the rain in mind, I bring you a wet Bench Monday.

About today's selection for Monday Music Video: Adam came up with this when we got home from strawberry picking on Saturday. All I see is our son walking around with his shirt and tie as we're cleaning the berries and just a couple of hours later he's come up with this piece. I may have to find an agent for the child, so if you have any leads, please point me in the right direction. Cracked me up, anyway. I love this son of mine. I don't know why he chose the accent he did, as we have perfectly good ones of to avail ourselves around these pahts deah, but hey, it works. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Amy- so nice to find your blog and your fantastic pics!!

    It is always nice to stumble upon another unschool/homeschool family from Maine. We homeschool our eight yr. old boy Owen, tucked away in the woods of central Maine.

    I look forward to stopping by your blog again :0)

  2. Your son is adorable and quite the character, he needs an agent. We went picking this weekend too and are overloaded with strawberries, but can you really have too many?

  3. Hi Tara! Thanks for commenting and yes, I agree, always nice to know about more homelearning folks in Maine! You have amazing photos on your blog and I look forward to reading yours as well, and thanks!

    Shay--thanks so much. He is a character. And I do not believe there is any such thing as too many strawberries. ; D

  4. Awe... he's just so cute!
    But I thought maybe he was going to sing a little Beatles. Oh well maybe next time:)

  5. For some reason the videos aren't playing (my laptop) today so... Will try and check it out next time.

    I saw your comment on Klovesvintage's blog and would like to know of any herbal iced tea recipes you may have. I adore the combination.

  6. Hahaha, Anet! That's so funny, because he did record several takes of him singing a bit of the song, but he just wasn't happy with it. And I'm realizing I owe you a box of shells and I've misplaced your address, so if you send it to me, I can send you those promised shells. Sorry about being a slacker on that.

    Clarity, thanks for stopping by! Perhaps I'll make those recipes a blog post. Thanks!



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