Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blessed Litha

Though it's gray and rainy here in Maine, it is indeed Summer Solstice or what we know as Litha. As usual we make our ritual Litha cake (recipe here) and Alex opens the first of the summer homebrew. It's a time for us to reflect on the possiblities of everything around us. We witness new growth and make plans for our own set of goals. New life, new possiblities, new potential emerges this time of year and the intensity of the sun warms us to the idea of change. It's not so difficult to accept change when every day in summer is different--more roses are in bloom, nasturtiums and lilies herald the sun, baby birds fledge, the sunflowers are a little taller, as are the children, the fruit swells and ripens, the flavors and aromas of the meals evolve, every day bring something different. The trick is paying attention, etching each change to memory, being open to the sensuality of summer, the sticky heat, the sweet scent. Yearn for those first tomatoes, but don't forget to enjoy their growth along the way, from blossom to green pearl to red orb. Our own changes are just as important to notice, to honor. Sure, we hope to have tomatoes in the end, but we have to nurture those changes, that potential, here in the midsummer before we can harvest. Listen to the summer within and let it bloom. Blessed Be.

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  1. I needed that. Cold spring, followed by long lasting cold and I honestly can't believe it is almost July and is the summer solstice! Needed a reason to remember it - first year we haven't celebrated in any way because I just am too tired. :)



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