Saturday, June 20, 2009

Satruday Happiness

A visit here.

And strawberry picking here, 25.5 pounds, so far. This was our first visit to this farm and I'm sure we'll go back as their prices are very good, the picking is easy, and they are one of the closest to us and the people were very friendly.

We've been cleaning the berries all evening, have a bunch in the freezer already and Alex made two strawberry glace pies. Yum! I'm loving how strawberries = solstice, too. Perfect.


  1. If I may ask how much per pound did you pay for your strawberries? We went to Broadturn which it seems was a tad pricy since I was just talking to someone who went to Dole's which was a dollar less per pound.

    I only got 10 pounds which seemed like a lot but I am almost out after doing some baking and eating. If the rain holds out I am thinking of picking some more.

  2. Spillers Farms has the strawberries for $1.50/lb. At Broadturn, you are paying for organic. We get some of theirs as well. And Doles, which went up .50 this year. We just wash really well and cross our fingers and hope we are doing a good thing by supporting family farms. Which CSA do you have, Shay?

  3. We are with Wolf Pine in Alfred, we have been with them for 5 years now. Wow! Spiller is definitely more reasonable in terms of price since I didn't know that Broadturn was so much more expensive. While I like organic when possible, I am more a fan of just supporting local farmers. Lets hope this rain lets up soon. My little one wants a beach day and I need more strawberries. ;-)



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