Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CSA Tuesdays

Tuesdays are the days we go to the farm to pick up our CSA share. I will be posting about our share each Tuesday from now on, so to catch up, here are the first three weeks of shares. It's great being able to see who grows our food each week and it is always fascinating to see how the shares change as the seasons do.

Week One: lettuce, rhubarb, strawberries, chives, sorrel and purslane.

Week Two: Nappa cabbage, strawberries, green onions, red leaf lettuce, rhubarb, radishes and garlic scapes.

That Nappa cabbage was delicious and we gobbled it down over two days (it was that big). The pad thai peanut dressing I made was very yummy with the cabbage.

Week Three: Pak Choi cabbage, strawberries, garlic scapes, dill, radishes, snow peas, lettuce, beet and spinach greens.

We love all of the veggies, of course, and the strawberries and rhubarb have made several pies so far, but the garlic scapes are one of my favorites, especially blended and put into dressings or refried beans, or tossed over pasta with butter. Good eats!

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