Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Corner View :: Staple Foods

This week's Corner View is staple foods. Well, it is summer, and we are in Maine, so you see lots of this sort of food this time of year, at least in our home.

Lobster rolls

Garden fresh peas, radishes and greens.

Just-picked strawberries and strawberry jam

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake with real whipped cream

Alex's homebrew

Picnic food, like baked beans, Greek pasta salad and potato salad and in our house, of course, homemade bread.

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  1. nothing says summer like a lobster roll! especially eaten outside at a picnic table... great shots! now i´m hungry! besos-jane p.s. think you can just cut and paste- but i´m not sure...

  2. It's hard to imagine that lobster is a staple food! Mmm.... I love the fresh garden foods, too, and the bread. And the homebrew! My husband and I just made our first batch. It was great fun and satisfying.

  3. Those lobster rolls look wonderful. Here lobster would be way beyond our price range.

  4. Lobster in Maine, usually, is a staple for many folks and is rather affordable. I know working families, mainly fisherman, who have lobster several times a week and think nothing of cooking up a few for folks who've dropped by during a meal. Maine also allows one trap per family, legally, not that we all take the state up on that. Right now, lobsters are selling for $5.99 a pound, which is pretty reasonable. Most fish markets will cook them for you, too, to take home or eat outside on picnic tables.

    Thanks All, for visiting and commenting!

  5. Oh, can we fly up for dinner, lunch and we might as well stay for breakfast! It all looks delicious!

    Your radishes look perfect!! :)

    Happy Eating!

  6. those radishes are amazing. we homebrew too!!! and i love your pasta salad. great post!

  7. My father is from New England and loves his lobster rolls. I prefer just the tails. I am kind of a snob.

  8. Beautiful varied choice and pictures ! I'ld really like to taste lobster rolls !!! MMMhhhh !

  9. Those lobster rolls looks delicious ... I would also like to taste one of those :-)

  10. Still haven't had a lobster roll but I have been getting losbsters at the farmers market...yummy!

    Your baked beans look good.



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