Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Sunshine

Can it be? Sunshine on Monday? In fact, we welcomed the sun back to these soggy parts on Friday. I was so grateful, I ran out into the garden and snapped this photo.

We did manage to find rain on the 4th of July by driving two hours north to visit with family, but hey, we made the best of it. Though we didn't go out for long in the canoe, it felt great being out on the water and I can't wait until we do this again, soon.

It was gorgeous here yesterday and we spent the entire day on the beach followed by a dinner on the deck with friends. And today has be perfect. Dry, bright and sunny, the kids are out with Alex and I'm home, content to putter and do one of my most favorite things--hang laundry on the line. Ahh. It's so wonderful to get the sun onto the laundry again after all the rainy weeks we had. Hanging the sheets even inspired this week's Bench Monday. I hope the sunshine is providing inspiration in your neck of the woods, also.

I found this song fit my mood--contented, grateful, happy and fulfilled, and overjoyed to have sunshine back on Monday.


  1. Oooo... I want a canoe! There's no better way to enjoy the water:)
    We've been have the same luck in weather as you. It's finally sunny!

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous flower pic. Canoeing...we've been wanting to do some of that this summer! :)

  3. that flower photo is just incredible. the colours are stunning!

  4. agreed that flower shot is stunning. Seriously though is your daughter giving you the stink eye in that canoe photo. all seems well in the next though... cheers and I'm in denial about the rain tonight. I'm going to pretend to be mental and believe that it's a clear and dry and warm night with bugs!



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