Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Corner View :: Places Of Reflection

The theme for this week's Corner View is "places of worship.. or places of reflection. A place you can go and just be." I had to stop and think for a moment--do I have just one place for reflection? Maybe I've moved too much, going from place to place, home to home, that I've always been able to find that special place, wherever I am to just be, and reflect.

Our home. I feel immense joy and peace just puttering around the house, placing art, moving things, cooking and baking, and being in it with my family and friends.

In our garden. So many mornings I'm up early, before my family and neighbors and I walk around the garden with a cup of coffee or tea, just being in the dappled light with the flowers, insects, birds and green things.

On the water. I think the places speak for themselves.

The nearby beach.

The family camp on the pond.

Maine's beautiful lakes.

Off to check out more corner views from around the world!

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  1. Amy this is so beautiful. I love the white table in your living room and your beautiful garden. I too feel so at peace when walking through the garden and watching the bumblebees busy at work.

    Lisa :)

  2. What a beautiful corner view -- certainly a quiet place of reflection and worship. Thank you!

  3. It was so peaceful seeing your photos (and btw, I love the post about your son. great shots of him too.) and I fell in love in the garden but then I came to the lake and laughed out loud as I usually do when I see white cap waves on the lake... cheers and sun warmed smiles being sent to you from up the road. Jodi

  4. I always feel peaceful and reflective when I look at photos of your home and garden. :)

  5. Oh wow, thanks everyone for all the wonderful and kind comments!

    Jodi--why do whitecaps on the lake strike you as funny, lol? It seems like they are always on Sebago.

    Again, thanks all!!

  6. omg these are lovely. lucky you!! thank you for sharing your maine! besos!



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