Monday, December 26, 2011

Yule: Twelfth Day

Boxing Day table

Today we continued celebrating by hosting our Tenth Annual Boxing Day. This year we had Alex's family with us and it was in a word, wonderful. Truly. They are all so kind, generous, loving and fun to be with. They were such fun to cook for, too. For instance, Alex's Dad, Papa John, had four bowls of my potato leek soup and he raved about it all day. Everyone seemed to love the cookies, but complained that there wasn't enough variety. Ha! I kid.

Boxing Day table
Boxing Day :: potato leek soup
Olivia & Papa
Boxing Day :: Nana & the Aunts

Alex and his parents got to discuss the homestead (now with maps!), Adam recorded Papa reading (Adam said, now I just want to record Papa reading an entire book!--I agree, it was amazing!) and Olivia did our astrological charts (do you have any idea how content these gatherings make my sun sign Aries/Cancer Ascendent/Virgo Moon? Do you? Well let me tell you, I'm pretty darn content.) The great Aunts shared stories about their recent travels to Italy and Auntie Heather became my BFF after trying the peppermint bark. And Alex's mom, Nana, made me hold back tears with her sweet ornament gifts. ::sniff::

Alex & his parents
peppermint bark

Even better, these wonderful people not only ate food here, they took some home, too! Seriously, Aunt Jane hugged me and I swear she was teary-eyed when I handed her a take-home box of ham. The poor woman was so carried away, she forgot her box of cookies, and has already made elaborate arrangements to have them delivered to her tomorrow. Papa John said something about you put on quite a show here. You should go professional. Could they be more sweet?

awesome, mom
Bee Keeper's Bible
settling in for a nap

Alex also made up goodie boxes for some of our neighbors and he and Adam went out for a few minutes to make those deliveries. Alex came home and announced that no one turns you away if you bring them candy. It was entirely selfish, however, as now we have less to pack up and put away and eat.

a festive table

And with that, bellies and hearts and souls filled to the brim with love and joy, I leave you with our Twelve Days of Yule. I hope that you and yours are having a safe, merry and beautiful season and that your New Year is filled with creativity, good health, mindfulness, joy and abundant love. I will be relaxing this week with my family and I'll see you back in this space in January! Many thanks for keeping me company on this journey.

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