Sunday, July 29, 2012

Postcard From Maine

I have several friends in other states who accuse me of teasing them with stories and photos of Maine. It's no mystery that I adore my state and I will happily promote all it has to offer. It's certainly not a difficult task and Maine is widely recognized as a great place to live. Maine has its difficulties and limitations, certainly, but for what it may lack, it makes up for in simplicity and peacefulness, culture, it's creative economy, it's people and the abundant natural beauty, accessible to every person.

Nubble Light #maine #morning #lighthouse
I've never been tempted, thanks, as it would require riding in that little bucket across the channel #lighthouse #morning #maine
dropped the eldest off do she could spend the day boating with her boyfriend and pull lobster traps; had to stop and have a look at the Nubble, too #maine #morning #lighthouse #whatismylife
pink granite #maine
see where those tourists are standing? yeah, don't do that. #morning #maine #dumb
cormorants sunning themselves #morning #maine
granite and rock weed on the Maine coast #maine #morning #nubblelight
always popular with divers #maine #morning #NubbleLight
little red boat #maine #morning
almost a cliche #maine #morning
Cape Neddick Beach #maine #morning

So please understand, I'm not teasing at all when I tell you that a simple drive barely an hour from my home allows me a veritable calendar tour of a few of Maine's highlights. And this is the case for anyone in any part of the state, and it may not even require a drive, as it could be one's own backyard, providing rivers, lakes, woods, mountains or coast to appreciate, truly. It's just the way it is here in Maine.


  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures Amy. You allow this Oregonian a chance to look over your shoulder and get lost in the beauty. I am making my first ever trip to Maine this Sept, for The Common Ground Fair and am so looking forward to seeing your State in person.

  2. Oh, that's wonderful, Lexa! We plan to be there, hopefully for all three days, but it might have to be for just two this year. If you spot me, please say hello! I hope you love Maine and fair as much as I do!



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