Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Angst About Our Unschooling Isn't Our Problem Except When Oh, It Is (But Not Really)

This week and last, I have found myself at my computer (while I wasn't painting our downstairs bathroom), spending time researching and registering the kids for classes and activities, organizing our fall calendar and looking forward to our third Northeast Unschooling Conference. As we sent out our notices of intent to homeschool to our state and dotted our Is and crossed our Ts, I thought again of how grateful I am that our teens are living without school (and I remembered my post about this last year).

designing a new Minecraft skin @superadamgalaxy #unschooling #minecraft #geek #design #teen

With the back-to-school season messages at every turn, people tend to assume that our teens are also resuming school, and sometimes people give us a bit of a side-eye at our unschooling ways. Everywhere we go people have lots of concern and questions and opinions on unschooling when in most cases they know very little about it. So when I read my friend Kelly's post unschooling for Haters, especially my favorite kind of Hater, the “skeptic”, last night, her words felt especially timely and amazingly spot-on. It's the kind of thing I want to print out and leave with eye-rolling people or put under windshield wipers.

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  1. I'm glad you liked the piece. As I clarified in comments at my blog, it's more directed towards home educators and unschoolers than haters. I know how much it means to people to feel supported... we've all fielded these tacit & direct kinds of criticism.



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