Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Heart of Our Home

I recently shared with you our new family art room and our various room swaps, but I have not shown you what and how we managed to make space for our living room. I mentioned that we put our living room in the other side of the long room that spans the middle of our home, and the other side is our dining space, and as I said, it was a little bit sad to give up the more formal space, the one with stove, and I'm sure I'll have pangs at Yule, when we won't put our tree up in that room, but in many ways the swap has been very positive. For one thing, every time we have a gathering, people gravitate naturally to the center of our home. For another, the former living room now family art room faces south and has lots of windows, which isn't so conducive to video games or streaming media. And, because this is the way we are, we don't arrange any room without thinking ahead to Yule and we always plan a space for the tree. By having the living room in the center of the home, it's the room that greets company, it's connected to the dining room and kitchen, and it's cozy despite it's stove-less status. This is truly a connected, central family space. It really feels like the heart of our home.

See that rather congested corner by the cellar door? Those pieces will move and that's where the Yule tree will go.
living room #interiors #home
media storage, connected to the family art room #home #interiors
this is now our living room #home #interiors
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last one, dining and living space in the center of our home #home #interiors
family art room, shutters keep out the sun on a hot summer's day #interiors #home #unschooling #summer
dining and living spaces are connected #interiors #home
family gathers here #home #interiors #unschooling
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living and dining space #home #interiors

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