Monday, October 22, 2012

The Work Begins :: Many Hands

We went up Sunday to the homestead to haul the old windows to the transfer station. On Thursday, however, we discovered the remnants of the old kitchen that had been flooded after a burglary last December, in a burn pile up in the woods, and we decided that needed remedied, too. So Alex and I went up there with the tractor and trailer and loaded up the 1970s vinyl flooring, laminate counters and old cabinets.

farmer Alex?
see this? yeah. former kitchen piled into woods "to burn". um, no.
see this? yeah. this is "farmstead under new management".
warning: fat woman loading heavy, rotten, demo into trailer
now we head to transfer station, yes, deah. #maine

Don't worry, we saved this little guy from a dumpster.

hello little salamander dude #wildlife

And while the burn pile, eh hem, wasn't very lovely to look at, the Bradstreet Brook certainly was beautiful on Sunday.

Bradstreet Brook

We loaded the old casement windows onto the trailer, on top of the kitchen demo and some into the truck and then four of us carefully hauled it all off to the transfer station in the nick of time. The demo weighed in at 2,000 pounds (we literally removed a ton of crap, we joked).

we got rid of 2,000 pounds of demo today

We even got Mom to toss in a window and I think it was symbolic of moving on and clearing out of some of the, shall we say, messes that have perhaps accumulated around the farm? Perhaps? We won't dwell on that, however. Good things are happening at the homestead and that will be our focus. The windows are looking wonderful, for instance.

farmhouse progress #thisoldhouse
progress on the farmhouse

A farm, even one that has wound down to a couple of large home gardens and bees only, still has lots of activity, lots of projects that accumulate and more, some that get tagged with I'll get to that, later. Thirty-five years or more of life happens and plans get waylaid at times. A farm needs help. It needs support and it's near impossible to manage alone. Have a couple of curve balls thrown at you, like the break-in or knee surgeries, and then things can become overwhelming. That's when many hands, even many brains to do the imagining, become essential. It's a process, and it will be a slow one, to re-imagine and reclaim the farm, but with enough guidance, we should be alright.

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  1. Looks great, and what a location, I'm hoping in years to come me and my family can move to a small farm, or small holding out in the country somewhere.
    You are very lucky, it's a great place.



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