Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Eve : Yule: Tenth Day

'Twas the night before Santa and all through the house...

I worked in the kitchen, trying to resist bitchin'
multiple timers were ticking, fresh bread and bark,
paper needed cutting, presents tied up in bows,
here I was stuck, until lord how long knows.

more hours ahead of me in the kitchen : thinking about other things I need to get to : tick tick tick : #yule #santaeve #fromourkitchen
I made bread so I can give one loaf away and the rest is for bread pudding #fromourkitchen #bread #baking

Papa measured and folded, nearly was scolded,
each present taking an hour to wrap.
And I poured chocolate, Alex cut paper,
the kids iced every cookie, with not a waver.

no peeking! #yule #wrapping
this is how Papa wraps : he unwraps using a jackknife #perfectionist #Aries #yule

The children were donned in aprons, colors danced before them,
I began to wonder how long it had been since I'd seen them.
And there from the kitchen arose such a clatter as I hammered peppermints like nothing was the matter.

only this many more to go! #yule #fromourkitchen
thought we needed some more treats in the house #yule

To the kitchen for supper, fondue in a pot, small plates at the ready, hunks of bread into the lot.
Papa was certain the salty cheese would "give him gout", to this we said, we have our doubts.

traditional Santa Eve fondue supper. According to Papa, "we're going to give him gout" feeding him that "awful salty fondooo. Gah!" #yule #fromourkitchen

Eleven o'clock came and went, finally done was the peppermint,
the chocolate bark that is, and nearly dropping with tiredness,
a cup of black tea gave me stamina-int.

peppermint bark #yule #fromourkitchen

Good thing, too, with chores still to go,
like laundry and presents, so tired dontcha' know
a little caffeine would give me a boost from midnight to morn.
The cookies completed, the kids totally worn,
took themselves to bed; we had the whole night ahead.

1130pm update: last chores, kids are still icing sugar cookies, Papa was in bed long ago and yes, I just had a cup of black tea. I'm betting on a 4am bedtime for me and Alex.
finally finished cookies #santaeve #yule

We sprang to work, careful of the milk and cookies,
who wants to clean milk from carpet, that would be sucky.
Santa was coming, of this we were certain,
so our gifts needed finished in time for his curtain-
call; oh Santa we believe, we know you'll be here,
even if it means we're missing loved ones dear,
we'll keep traditions and rituals, make the season merry,
you'll live within us, your mission we'll not tarry.

for Santa #yule

So to 6am bedtimes and 9am wake ups,
we're sure this year is simply a hiccup.

Oh Odin, oh Holly King, Herne The Hunter, Green Man -the same,
you're our Santa, our god Yule, this day is in your name.
You are the hope, the light inside us, the promise of spring,
the goodwill that guides us.
The driver of the sun chariot, the god evergreen.

Through us your generosity lives, the spirit it gives,
the wintertime warms in these small moments of kindness,
the gifts they abound, the love it has found us,
and we look to you, our jolly old elf,
who returns in the mid winter to remind us,

That by every cookie baked, every gift given,
every stocking hung, every candle lit,
with every song sung, with every blessing said,
With those gone before, loved not forgotten,
with every ritual performed, every tradition remembered,
we renew, we live, Hope evergreen inside us.

~Amy Bradstreet, December 24, 2012

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