Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet Blessings : Imbolc

last day of January : airing out #maine
clouds over the ocean : view from my bedroom window #nofilter #morning #oldorchardbeach

Two days ago it was so warm outside that the scent of earth and green was on the breeze. We even opened our doors to exchange stale, stuffy air for fresh. But this being winter, windows are now firmly shut and we wrap ourselves once more in woolens to guard against the chills and freezing winds.

Still, the promise is there. We know that deep beneath the soil, there is a quickening. We feel this same stirring within us, this year more than some, longing to feel our land beneath our feet and the soil in our hands. We long to wield tools, create spaces in the old farmhouse that will function well and provide a gathering place for many dear to us. For now, much of the work is in our heads, in endless notebooks, discussions around the dinner table, and we wait.

This Imbolc, Alex extracted over thirty pounds of honey, working in our little kitchen. Alex's parent's had removed the supers last fall, but for important reasons, the honey was never extracted. So this evening, he finishes the last of it, and our home is filled with the heady scents of honey, bees wax and the wood frames, warmed by the heated knife.

beautiful frame of honey : extracting #radicalhomemaking #imbolc #secularpagan
extracting honey for Imbolc #imbolc #fromourkitchen #radicalhomemaking

With the honey now poured into jars and the wax set aside for use, it feels good to have this necessary and fruitful chore behind us. It's a small measure towards what we need to do in the coming year at the homestead, certainly. But there will be sweetness in the doing, and that is most satisfying of all.

Blessed Imbolc! #secularpagan #imbolc #altar

Blessed Imbolc!


  1. Lovely photos, what sort of plans do you have for the wax? candles?
    Honey is a wonderful, wonderful thing. :)

    1. Yes, we will return some to the bees, and even then, there will be plenty for us to make candles and balms. Bees and honey are indeed wonderful things. Thank you!



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